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120cm FLUFFY PINK Pampas Grass - plume size approx 50-70cm

120cm FLUFFY PINK Pampas Grass - plume size approx 50-70cm

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Our beautiful pampas grass are gorgeous and make any home stylish. They give any home that luxury feeling and pampas grass is so on trend at the moment.

The pampas grass is pink in colour and the stems are approx 120cm tall. This variety of pampas does not shed as much as others and it is fluffy. The plume (the grass part) size is approx 50-70cm long. The pampas grass will arrived wrapped together and all you need to do is give them a shake outside to take off any loose grass. You may want to blow out the pampas grass using a hair dryer - please check out my TikTok videos on how to do this.

Pampas grass requires no maintenance, they do not require any water and will up to 3 years or more if cared for as per instructions below.

If you have any questions please get in touch.

Dried flower care (more detailed flower care will be provided with your order):

  • Keep in a dry area
  • Colour may fade over time, however, they should last between 1-3 years or more
  • Please handle with care as the flowers are delicate
  • Do no digest and keep away from animals
  • Dried flowers are highly flammable
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