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Egg Pop Mystery Dried Flowers & Vase - Deal or No Deal

Egg Pop Mystery Dried Flowers & Vase - Deal or No Deal

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Oooo I am so excited to bring back a game!! Only this time, you get dried flowers and a vase for only £15!! You will receive a 14 stem arrangement with a vase and the flowers are already designed and ready to go. These are perfect for Christmas!

NEXT EVENT - Tuesday 16th April at 7pm!

How does the game work?

There is a box with eggs inside and each egg has a number. I will draw out an egg and whatever number is inside will be the flowers that you will receive. Each number in the egg corresponds to an arrangement that you will see on display during our TikTok live. For our next event we are going to do a deal or no deal game. All this means is that when the egg is picked and you see your flowers you can either keep the ones you have or swap for another egg. If you choose to swap you get the second egg and this arrangement can not be changed. This is going to be so much fun!!

Orders will be done as they come in. I can not save anyones order to reveal on a different live and I will not be able to hold your order for you. If you want to see your order being revealed live then please ensure you join the TikTok live. I will read out customer names as I am going along. 

Purchase as many tickets as you would like. 

The video are examples of the arrangements and what they will look like

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