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Mrs Hinch Inspired Pampas Grass Wall Decor

Mrs Hinch Inspired Pampas Grass Wall Decor

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They are finally here and you know i had to do one that is inspired by Mrs Hinch! This option is a set design with the added option of adding some cream roses & palms.

I don't know about you but i am obsessed with our new collection of pampas grass wall decor. Each size offers different styles and shapes and they are all customisable. What more could you want?

Each design has been made to offer you something different for your home. Please check out all of the designs we have and the different sizes.

There are 3 sizes to choose from - please note, sizes are a guide. (L x W x D)

  • Small - 55 x 45 x 20 cm
  • Medium - 75 x 70 x 28 cm
  • Large - 110 x 70 x 30 cm

How to order

  • Pick your style from the options provided. These styles will remain the same, however, you can change the colours of the dried flowers.
  • Pick your pampas grass by choosing any of the options provided. The base of your design will be the pampas you see in this option section and it is entirely up to you which grass or combination of grasses you choose.
  • Pick what colour/s you would like your dried flowers to be. Add a note if you would like custom colours
  • Add any extras you may like
  • Add to basket & pay

Information about dispatch, shipping, what to do when your order arrives and how to hang up your pampas grass wall decor

  • Please allow up to 14 working days for your order to be dispatched.
  • Once dispatched, the shipping will take 2-4 working days and you will receive confirmation with tracking details.
  • Your order will arrive in a secure double wall cardboard box. The arrangement will be attached to the box with twine to ensure it is secure during transit. Please ensure you cut the twine before taking it out of the box to ensure you do not break anything. 
  • Once it is out of the box you can attach it to your wall with screws. screws will not be provided and you will need to purchase your own - please ensure you buy screws that sit inside the hole of the wall decor. The screws will need to have a ridge at the end so when you put the wall piece on them the holes will slot in to the screws and hang on with ease. 

Information about hydrangeas, roses, dried flowers & pampas grass

  • Hydrangeas & roses have been dried in a way that locks in the moisture to keep the flower looking the same as it would if it was fresh. This does mean they are delicate, so please handle with care as they can break easily.
  • Dried flowers are a mixture of naturally dried flowers and preserved dried and they may have been painted, chemically treated or spray painted depending on the colours you choose.
  • Pampas grass is a naturally fluffy dried flower. They will be blown out with a hair dryer before they arrive, however, they may get fluffier over time from the heat in your home. Pampas grass is highly flammable, please keep away from fire flames

We may need to contact you

  • If you have ordered and we do not have the colours you have chosen, we will contact you via email or text message.
  • We try our upmost best to provide you with all colours, but some times we run out of stock or we may not be able to get hold of the colour you have selected.

Dried flower care (more detailed flower care will be provided with your order):

  • Keep in a dry area
  • Colour may fade over time, however, they should last between 1-3 years or more
  • Please handle with care as the flowers are delicate
  • Do not digest and keep away from animals
  • Dried flowers are highly flammable
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