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Summer Garden & Pastel Spring Time Dried Flowers

Summer Garden & Pastel Spring Time Dried Flowers

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Summer Garden - Oh this arrangement is just something else! It is inspired by my gorgeous friend, Eliza, and i am so happy with how it has turned out because i am obsessed! This is a limited edition arrangement so if you want her you need to be quick!!


Pastel Spring Time - Oh this cutie!! This Cutie!! This one was inspired by Harriet and it was her idea/colour way. Totally Obsessed. This one is also limited so be quick to get yours!


Please note, all flowers come in different shapes and sizes and there is no guarantee your flowers will look exactly like the sizes in the photos. It is an example only, however, we do try our best to match the photo as closely as we can.

The flowers are real flowers that have been professionally dried. Please ensure the flowers are not digested and please keep away from animals and small children. Dried flowers require no maintenance and all you have to do is display them in your desired place.

Dried flower care (more detailed flower care will be provided with your order):

Keep in a dry area

Colour may fade over time, however, they should last between 1-3 years or more

Please handle with care as the flowers are delicate

Do no digest and keep away from animals

Dried flowers are highly flammable


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