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The Dried Rose Collection

The Dried Rose Collection

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The Dried Rose Collection

The process to drying roses is by ice drying them. This means they are dried by locking in moisture so the rose keeps its original shape and colour. With this, there can be times where your rose may feel damp, please be rest assured this is normal and over time any excess moisture will evaporate. Please also note that because of how the roses are dried they can often be discoloured by other ink dyed dried flowers that your roses may be arranged with. My advice is for any lighter coloured roses please keep them separate to your other flowers for 1-2 weeks to ensure they do not absorb any ink from other dried flowers.

Please note, all flowers come in different shapes and sizes and there is no guarantee your flowers will look exactly like the sizes in the photos. It is an example only, however, we do try our best to match the photo as closely as we can.

The flowers are real flowers that have been professionally dried. Please ensure the flowers are not digested and please keep away from animals and small children. Dried flowers require no maintenance and all you have to do is display them in your desired place.

Dried flower care (more detailed flower care will be provided with your order):

  • Keep in a dry area
  • Colour may fade over time, however, they should last between 1-3 years or more
  • Please handle with care as the flowers are delicate
  • Do no digest and keep away from animals
  • Dried flowers are highly flammable
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